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Thank you for stopping by my digital home; take a seat! Modernly Michelle serves as a space for creatives, entrepreneurs, and style enthusiasts to learn, grow, + develop their craft. From sharing need-to-know digital knowledge to helping you level up the look of your blog/brand, just know that I’ve got your back!

Along the way I’ll also be sharing things that I love: fashion, beauty, + my creative lifestyle. Be sure to get comfy!

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From styling outfits to my shopping escapades, I'll be showcasing my ultimate style + tips.



Get ready for tips + tricks on design, branding, and creating content.



Sharing bits of my life + work with any inside info I've gained throughout the years.

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I'm Michelle

I'm a lover of all things fashion, beauty, business, + creative. Let’s just say, I’m a create-a-holic.

I currently help brands with their digital presence online and I strive to help my clients level up their brand identities stylishly.

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